Wednesday, October 05, 2005


At long last... after some delaying tactics... endless excuses... my first-born.

But I don't really want to nag about how I wanted to blog, but could not admit that I was too lazy and busy to do it. How I envy my friends for having the time, energy, and creative juices to do it. And how I really needed to de-stress, even a massage, a visit to the salon or shopping just couldn't cure. After months of pondering over it, I mustered enough willpower to make my fingers get to work, in the midst of (office) work! Hahaha! (What the heck! I'm the slave driver here!)

So, here I am, finally giving in to what my friend claimed to be an antidote for stress.

But I don’t really want to talk about that. I’d talk about blogging and this mobile blog community that my company developed for Globe (heheh… a little advertising won’t hurt, right?) some other time. Though you might want to check out this blogger. This guy rocks! And I’m a big fan(skii).


Fab party

I want to talk about this fab party that I’m attending this Saturday. This week, I am really stressing over (among hundreds of other things about work, work and work):
1. The gift - what would you give somebody who seems to have everything already, and more?
2. The outfit

The gift
I finally found this great gift and some great friends to share the damage with… Hehehe… But then I read her blog, and voila! She’s giving away items of the same brand as game prizes. Now I’m having second thoughts… Nuninuninu…

But I think we’ll still push through with it. Bet she’s too nice not to like it (wink*wink*). Whew! Talk about pre-conditioning (mode: convince myself more).

The outfit
Should not be black all-over. And I've been planning to wear this black cocktail/party dress! If I put a brooch or a (big) flower appliqué (that screams), would that be considered not-all-black? If I wear a different colored pair of shoes, would it make my outfit alright? If I use a non-black bag, is that okay?

(Now screaming) If I wear other colored accessories, can this be considered (technically) not-all-black? (I sure am not with the rugby team… wink* again)

I only have very few party clothes since I don’t usually attend parties as glam as this one. And I’m not wearing white and pastel colored clothes, which I usually wear to weddings and garden parties. (Ang laki talaga ng problema ko!)

Clothes are my guilty pleasure. Ergo, if I decide to buy new stuff, I’m 100000+++++% sure I’ll end up with (relatively) expensive item/s. Well… if you consider Mango, an expensive brand… My hubby definitely thinks so. I just purchased new items very, very recently and hubby will strangle me to death already!

(Now that I’m at it… I wonder when Zara opens in Rockwell… Hmmm…)